What you need to know when switching EDI VAN providers

There are companies out there which are collaborating with EDI VAN (Value-added Network) providers, but are not getting everything they could in return or are charged too much for the services they are receiving.

Source: https://www.b2bgateway.net/edi-info/#EDI-Communication-Methods

Unfortunately, the companies that are unsatisfied with their current EDI VAN providers, also tend to believe the rumors that have formed around the notion of switching EDI VANs. Below, we will demonstrate how these rumors are nothing more than just that, rumors:

Rumor #1: Migrating is just too much work

You probably already know how much a traditional EDI requires to function: everything from serious hardware to a seriously capable IT team. This image might deter certain companies from switching to another system. Do you know, however, that a cloud-based solution would enable you to complete the migration process hassle-free?

What’s more, you won’t even feel it as a small bump in the road, since there will be no interruption. These migration processes now last a lot less than they used to.

Rumor #2: My data won’t be secure anymore

We have made it our policy to have data security among our top priorities. We understand that your business is basically built on sensitive data that it needs to exchange with business partners in order to develop and advance.

Even when you switch your EDI VAN you can rest assured that every document you send and receive is encrypted and that there is user authentication to cover you in terms of security. On top of that, you will also be working with digital signatures that enhance this level of security, so that data is safe regardless if it is in transit or is it static, in storage.

Rumor #3: I won’t have as much data accessibility anymore

Familiarity tends to play a really important part in most of our lives. This includes the case when companies are used to accessing their data in their unique, familiar way and they feel, wrongly, that if they switched EDI VANs they won’t have the same type of access as before.

But this is just a widespread erroneous belief that holds you back from switching to better options, when it comes to your EDI solutions.

Rumor #4: Migrating is not affordable

For over three decades, B2B transactions are performed with the use of EDI. Once the main EDI standards emerged on the market, more and more companies started relying on EDI to stay ahead of their competitors.

As the demand for EDI grew over these decades, the costs have also gone up. This is why companies tend to be precautious when thinking about the costs involved. However, this precaution should not retain them from looking for alternatives on the market. Especially since the maintenance costs have gone considerably down ever since EDI appeared on the market.

Rumor #5: The Cloud will limit functionality

There is another widespread belief that the cloud is limited in terms of functionality. In other words, people believe that once you are in the cloud, you are limited in terms of technological complexity. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only do you get to have the technological complexity you wish for, but you can also make the transition swiftly and smoothly. The Internet is all you need in this case.

Ultimately, what is important is that companies get informed and process all the information available to them with a grain of salt. And finally, to jump in and take action if they feel they need to have greater services at better prices.

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