What should a modern EDI system offer?

As time passes by, the market of EDI systems continues to develop offering more solutions than ever. Each and every new version that comes out is considerably better and more efficient than its predecessors.

There are companies who still choose to go with in-house EDI systems and would rather take care of everything themselves, but more and more organizations are shifting towards EDI providers.

You might have thought about getting EDI for your company, having a general feeling that it will benefit it, but you might not know exactly what to be looking for when analyzing the market for prospective EDI providers.

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Below we present a beginner’s guide to understanding what factors are essential when choosing your provider:

    1. All hail the Cloud!

The Cloud is a recent technological breakthrough that offers companies everywhere accessible and modern solutions to their various challenges.

The Cloud basically means you can always keep up to speed with your business just by logging into your account from your mobile devices. So you can just as well monitor your company’s inventory levels or view any recent updates from your phone or tablet, regardless if you are in the car, train or in an airport.

The entire EDI system will be at the tip of your fingers, as it should be.

     2. A wholesome solution for your business

Many companies still dread the set-up process when it comes to implementing EDI. On the contrary. There is no need for a pile of hardware and software that will only burn through your cash.

A modern EDI system holds everything together for you, so you don’t have to worry about making endless purchases that you can’t keep track of. All you have to do is pay a monthly fee – the same thing you do with say, your mobile monthly plan.
When thinking about outsourcing your EDI operations to a provider, it’s crucial to remember that the same provider has teams dedicated to solving any technical issues that may arise along the way. When doing business electronically, it is very important to remember the sensitive issue of EDI compliance.

But of course, a good EDI provider should also make sure that on-boarding new business partners happens quickly and efficiently, without the process damaging your relationship with them.

    3. Scalability is an option definitely worth having

When you have an in-house EDI system, rest will never be an option anymore. Or almost never in any case. This is because as your business grows it will be more and more difficult to offer maintenance and upgrade the system to ensure everything runs smoothly.

However, an EDI provider will take that issue right off of your hands and handle everything themselves.

Smaller businesses will be treated equally as large ones are, meaning that even if you have a business that has just launched you will still have access to amazing and varied features. An EDI provider will also install every update available to them so you really don’t need to worry too much about being kept up to speed.

      4. Accessible prices are always a must

How much you spend is always going to be an important factor to take into consideration before embarking on any new journeys for your company. Most EDI providers out there will charge according to how much you use. And this is ideal for companies that won’t have lots of documents to exchange or won’t in the near future.

But, by their very definition and purpose, businesses are meant to scale and grow. And as they grow that amount of exchanged data increases as well. For this, DCA Ventures offers unlimited plans, to cover all your needs.

If you are ready to take this new step and find out what EDI can do for your business, give us a call.

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