What is the optimal approach for EDI training?

When it comes to EDI, the questions asked are always the same: ‘Is it better to outsource my EDI-related tasks or manage them in-house?’ The same question applies to EDI training. Although keeping the training in-house may seem like the best option, it is actually advisable to outsource EDI training and leave it in the hands of specialists. They are much better qualified to present the materials in a way that makes them accessible to any level of understanding. By outsourcing your EDI training services, you can still rely on support services.

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What are the benefits if you choose to outsource EDI training?

Even though EDI technology has been in the market for over 30 years, it still hasn’t gained enough ground to provide the world with a large number of EDI specialists to meet market needs. Being an EDI trainer comes with many requirements, beyond the basic requirement of knowing the material: they must be able to present the information in an engaging manner and have the ability to simplify complex concepts.

Of course, you can learn how to teach others. But this involves significant financial resources, which can be inconvenient for you. Additionally, an EDI consultant already possesses the necessary knowledge to convey information to others, while staying up-to-date with the latest modern technologies.

Outsourcing EDI training is not just an option for large companies with very good financial capabilities. On the contrary, it is very accessible to smaller companies, allowing them to train their employees who already required training beforehand.

A Long-Term Commitment

It may seem like this decision will impact the way you benefit from support services. However, the decision has no such impact – you will still be able to receive support whenever you have questions or issues.

Outsourcing EDI training involves establishing a long-term relationship with a consultant who is ready to step in whenever the situation becomes unclear. This also means that he or she will be available to your company whenever you hire new personnel for the EDI department and require training.

The return on your technological investments will be much greater through outsourcing EDI training, while still having access to the much-needed support.

As you can see, the overall benefits are much greater if you choose to outsource EDI training services.