What do you need to know when changing VAN providers?

There are companies that collaborate with EDI-VAN (Value-added Network) providers but do not realize the expected value or end up overpaying for the services received.

Source: https://www.b2bgateway.net/edi-info/#EDI-Communication-Methods

Unfortunately, these dissatisfied companies with their current EDI-VAN providers also tend to believe the rumors surrounding the concept of changing providers. Below, we will demonstrate that these pieces of information are nothing more than mere rumors without a real foundation:

Rumor #1: The migration process is too difficult.

You probably already know how much a traditional EDI system requires to operate: everything from hardware equipment to a highly capable IT team. This image can deter certain companies from switching to another system. However, you do know that a cloud-based solution allows for a very simple migration process without any hassle, right?

Moreover, you won’t experience any inconvenience because there won’t be any service interruption. The migration process takes much less time than it used to.

Rumor #2: Data will no longer be secure.

Our policy is to make data security a priority. We understand that your business revolves around very important and sensitive data that you need to send and receive from your business partners to continue growing harmoniously.

Even when you change your EDI VAN provider, you can rest assured that every document sent and received is encrypted, and there is a robust user authentication system that covers your data security needs. Additionally, you will also work with digital signatures that enhance data security, ensuring that data remains safe both in transit and at rest

Rumor #3: I won’t have the same level of data accessibility.

The sense of familiarity tends to play a significant role in our lives. This includes cases where companies are accustomed to data access happening in a familiar, well-known manner, and they incorrectly feel that if they were to change their EDI-VAN provider, they wouldn’t have the same type of access as before.

Fortunately, it’s just a misconception that prevents you from finding better options for your EDI-VAN provider.

Rumor #4: Migration is not financially feasible.

For over three decades, B2B transactions have been conducted through EDI. With the emergence of key EDI standards in the market, an increasing number of companies have turned to EDI technology to maintain a leading position in the market.

As the demand for EDI has grown in recent years, so have the associated costs. Therefore, companies are now more cautious than ever when considering the financial aspects of EDI. However, this perspective should not deter companies from exploring alternatives in the market, especially considering that maintenance costs have significantly decreased since the introduction of EDI.

Rumor #5: Cloud technology limits functionality.

Another common and mistaken belief is that cloud technology limits functionality compared to on-premises solutions. In other words, people think that operating in the cloud restricts the level of technological complexity. This is a misconception that is far from the truth. Not only can you still have the desired level of technological complexity, but you can also enjoy a smooth and swift transition. The internet is all you need.

Ultimately, organizations should gather accurate information and make informed decisions about this topic. In the end, they should be prepared to act in their best interests if they believe they can obtain higher-quality services at lower costs.