What can an in-house EDI system do for your business?

Even though many companies will gladly resort to an EDI solution provider for their EDI-related tasks, be it implementation or maintanence, there still are organizations that choose to handle everything in-house. They usually opt for this method in order to save money in the long run. However, there’s a bit more to it than what is visible at a first glance.

Source: https://www.fortunebuilders.com/overcoming-real-estate-business-partnership-obstacles/

Communicating with each of your business partners will require tremendous efforts:  first of all you will need to onboard them and meet their EDI needs, while at the same time translating data for each and every type of message that flows between you and your partner.

These are tasks especially designed for an expert IT team. However, it requires considerable financial efforts to train this team and to perform regular maintenance for your in-house EDI system.

Apart from this, you are solely responsible for any software upgrade and maintenance, which takes time and money that can can otherwise be invested in other important projects. Once these upgrades are in place, the staff needs to be on a permanent watch with the EDI system and be available at all times, in order to deal with transactions that can return errors.

Lastly, in order for two different in-house software systems to communicate, the data that flows between them needs to be translated accordingly. Translating data is a common task that needs to be performed when you are responsible for an EDI in-house system. And most of the time it simply is not that pleasant or easy to carry out, especially since it needs to be done for every type of EDI transaction, with every trading partner you are communicating with.

IT employees are not usually equipped to handle the complexities of EDI and thus, require thorough training which ultimately increases labor costs. This is why in many cases you will be better off financially by going with an EDI solution provider, like DCA Ventures.

A VAN is crucial either if you want to move all your EDI data to an EDI solution provider or if you want to outsource everything to rid yourself of the hassle. Consider going with DCA Ventures in order to get competitive prices for the EDI messages you send and receive.

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