We are hiring a Senior PHP / MySQL programmer – full time

What you will be doing

  • programming websites and apps using LAMP technologies
  • website development / maintenance using our company’s CMS or WordPress
  • developing new modules for the mentioned CMSs
  • designing databases and apps
  • researching new technologies and platforms
  • research for the identification, selection and implementation of modules from outside the company
  • collaborating with colleagues in charge of Web Design & Front-End Development

What are our requirements

  • Hands-on experience for a minimum of 3 years in PHP and MySQL website & app development
  • Hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of object-oriented programming in PHP, AJAX
  • HTML 5, CSS, Javascript and jQuery knowledge
  • A good command of English
  • Additional experience will be considered a bonus: performance tuning, caching, SEO, sprites, newsletter template implementation

Your colleagues expect you to:

  • Be responsible and reliable;
  • Solve problems, rather than create them;
  • See “the big picture” and act in such a way that makes you likeable to the clients;
  • Constantly be willing to learn and better yourself;
  • Change and improve things, both in the workplace and in the company;
  • Be positive and collaborate pleasantly with the clients;
  • Not burden to them, but boost them forward;
  • Pay attention to details so that you can pride yourself in your work;
  • Ask for help when you need it and to offer it when it is requested;
  • Respect promises and deadlines;
  • Listen carefully and communicate clearly.

Working hours

  • Full time
  • Project-based

Send us your resume at jobs [at] ediconnect.ro


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