Using cloud resources to solve your EDI problems

The cloud technology has gained more and more ground in our daily lives in recent years, offering us highly affordable storage solutions that we can all benefit from, regardless of our technical skills. The technology was named ‘cloud’ specifically to suggest its intangibility to the average customer. Cloud technology is easily accessible from any type of device and plays a variety of very important roles for both everyday users and large companies.


The ubiquity of the cloud is so vast that we don’t even realize how often we use it in our lives. However, cloud technology has not yet fully realized its potential when it comes to automating transactions, with only about 10% of them being updated to work with the new technology.

This percentage is the result of any of the following factors: it is possible that the respective companies did not have the financial means to implement such major changes or they may have been completely opposed to the changes – or simply they may not be so technologically agile. For example, there are some retailers who work with a huge number of stock units, while also dealing with fragmented EDI data that does not make their situation any easier. Such situations can be managed by a cloud system, which can simplify your transactions and make the entire process transparent.

As I have shown before, manual transactions can be extremely costly for your business. Nevertheless, it is hard to understand why so many companies still prefer to remain traditional in their approach, thus missing out on the effects of such significant transformations for their overall long-term profitability. We at DCA Ventures can help you find a solution that meets your specific needs, whether you prefer an on-premise solution or a cloud/SaaS one. If SaaS solutions are unfamiliar to you, it is important to know that they are scalable and designed to fit any budget.

DCA Ventures will help you modernize your business processes and improve your relationships with your business partners. Additionally, we will also take care of all the less visible procedures that complement your business, such as upgrades, testing, audits, and others, providing you with full support. If you want to learn more, contact us.

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