Forget about your EDI software, focus instead on your EDI VAN

An EDI system is complex and is comprised of several parts that each have their own role to play. One of the most essential components are the EDI software itself, that is responsible with EDI messages management, and the EDI value-added network (VAN) which provides the actual infrastructure the EDI transactions need to travel from one computer to another.

When it comes to choosing an EDI software, you will find that you only need to consider your budget and your team’s needs. The software will do its job and will not have such an immense impact on the EDI system, in its entirety.

However your EDI VAN does impact the entire process, making or breaking the EDI system. You will need to carefully choose the VAN your company uses because it will influence your entire EDI experience.


      1. Getting a VAN you can actually trust
  1. When partnering with your commercial peers you will notice that a vast majority of them use a VAN, which will mean that you need to get a VAN ahead of time in order to comply with them. This is basically the network you need to exchange data with your partners.

VANs are outstanding in terms of capabilities, since they can deliver anywhere, without needing an internet                  connection. This is why your VAN needs to have a proven track record in terms of reliability and efficiency.                    You basically need great uptime and availability.

Poor communication due to a low-quality VAN can prove to be catastrophic for your business, damaging both              your credibility and your profitability.

  1. Don’t forget the financial perks

While with an EDI software you don’t have much wiggle room in terms of expenditure, VAN prices do fluctuate a lot, so settling for one does require a certain amount of research.

The prices are usually pretty straightforward, meaning that they are set in accordance with the amount of data you send or receive. We offer competitive prices that will help your business flourish.

  1. Data security above all

Again, EDI software packages don’t differ much in terms of standardization, they are all more or less the same. When it comes to EDI VANS, options will vary considerably. Once they are safely contained and dealt with by your EDI software, the EDI data will be a lot more exposed to threats and risks.

Fortunately, all VANs are built to be really secure, so you can’t really make a bad decision in this regard.

  1. Playing well with in-house EDI systems

If your company already has and EDI system, you needn’t worry. It will most likely be compatible with any EDI VAN you will choose in the end. They are usually built to be a perfect match, not posing any difficulties in this aspect.

An in-house EDI system does have some financial advantages in the long run, but you will still depend on a VAN to transfer your data. Without this VAN, your system will be rendered useless.

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