The importance of EDI in the retail industry

There’s so much that has changed in the retail industry in the past years – things that were inconceivable then are now day-to-day basics: such as ordering from your computer from the comfort of your home or ordering on the go, from your mobile phone.

It all changed when EDI stepped in and revolutionised everything: from how the retail supply chain looks and behaves to the efficiency brought to internal and external processes. Of course, in the beginning you needed dedicated personnel to help you out with setting up your EDI system and with establishing relationships with new trading partners, as well as maintaining them throughout the years.


All this has turned around for the better thanks to cloud computing – nowadays, there is no need for the IT department to make tremendous interventions or for you to purchase software and hardware that will leave your pockets emptier than ever. What is more, once the system is up and running, you can be sure it is now more self-sustainable than it once was – you won’t need to keep an eye on it at all times.

What does EDI do for the retail industry?

Well, the way EDI streamlines processes is pretty straightforward. But for the sake of exemplification, let’s take a case study. Let’s take for example a retail clothing company which needs to stock up for the fall-winter collection – it needs to order more chenille, as it is a fabric that is in high demand in the chillier seasons. Now instead of sending an order which – up until recently – would land in someone’s inbox and stay there for days, this company can simply send its supplier a purchase order and the supplier’s system would pick up on it immediately and automatically. The sooner the order enters the order fulfillment system, the sooner can the supplier ship its order, the sooner it gets to clothing company – meaning that they can market the product in a timely manner and deal with less stagnant inventory.

Boosting your company’s efficiency, while maintaining it compliant

When you have a business, you most likely are dependant on some government regulations that you need to comply with. The amount of such regulations vary depending on the industry you operate in – nonetheless complying with them is vital to the harmonious development of your business. Balancing these two is a job that an EDI software can successfully get done.

With EDI, you get to streamline your processes by eliminating paper and paper-related costs, you save more time and get the opportunity to spend it on higher-value tasks and you gain greater profitability overall. Investing in an EDI software may seem like an effort at the beginning, but will bring with it a myriad of benefits as you go along – while keeping you ahead or at least in line with the times and your competitors on the market.

The retail supply chain can be transformed for the better thanks to cloud-based EDI software. If you operate in retail and are looking for a way to make your operations more efficient and agile, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can work together to find a solution that fits your specific needs.

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