The EDIconnect platform

The EDIconnect platform is, generally speaking, a B2B solution based on EDI technology, that sustains the integration, synchronization, collaboration and electronic interchange of trading/financial documents (purchase orders, advance ship notices, invoices) between trading partners.

The EDIconnect platform is available in two versions:

The web EDIconnect platform


  • 24/7 online secure access to your documents (orders, notices, invoices etc.)
  • the ability to view invoices and other documents in PDF format or in HTML format for fast printing;
  • keeps invoices in their original format;
  • invoices can be exported in various formats such as XML;
  • the invoice lists can be exported in Microsoft Excel format;
  • authorized timestamp ensures long-term archiving;
  • periodical invoice summary (eg.:monthly);
  • temporary access for auditors;
  • history of operations (log keeping).

We recommend this solution to companies which exchange up to 50-100 documents each month.

EDIconnect integration with ERP/SAP

  • automation (managing automated processes and reporting within the EDI app);
  • data routing and delivery;
  • translating data (mapping and templates);
  • data conversion (any-to-any type);
  • electronic communication routing (by headers, file names, directories, ID changes, transaction type);
  • communication protocols conversion and adaptation (any-to-any protocol);
  • workflow (managing processes and document flow);
  • web EDI solution included as backup and management solution.

We recommend this solution to companies who want full automation for their exchange of trading and financial documents.

Our team is at your disposal with any other details you may need in order to make the right decision for your business.

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