Streamline Retail and Distribution Networks with EDI Solutions

EDI Retail or Electronic Data Interchange Solutions for Distribution Networks and Retail Chains

Electronic Data Interchange – EDI – was adopted by the retail sector over 30 years ago and still holds tremendous value potential.

Despite having benefited from EDI for decades, many companies in the retail sector still use paper in their processes for orders, invoices, and shipping notes. This indicates that EDI still has fantastic potential in this industry. In the 1980s, Walmart and Proctor & Gamble were the first to introduce the concept of VMI – Vendor Managed Inventory, a revolutionary concept that has been a key element in this industry since its implementation, reducing costs and improving customer relationships.

The food industry embraced this concept, successfully managing the flow of products through the supply chain. In VMI, the supplier actually controls the inventory, not the consuming organization. This reduces waste, and the replenishment cycle decreases from monthly to weekly or even daily, improving customer relationships.

Efficient delivery processes from the supplier directly to the retailer (DSD) and a shift towards global data synchronization (GDS) are other key roles that EDI plays in the retail industry. Twenty companies were surveyed by Forrester, showing that 41% of companies use EDI.

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