Is it worth renewing support and maintenance for your EDI application?

Chances are that when you have EDI/MFT (Managed File Transfer) applications and they are working just fine, you can’t possibly be interested in renewing your support and maintenance. Many companies out there believe the fee they pay for maintenance and support simply go in the sofware vendor’s pocket, obtaining almost no return on investment.



Thus, it serves to see the multitude of benefits involved in paying these annual fees. Among the perks your company will benefit from are:

  • You will be notified whenever new products are released
  • Your software vendor will grant you access to new versions of your installed software – this way you won’t need to pay for them yourself
  • Your software provider will keep you up to date with the latest technology – they will know what your IT capabilities and can make appropriate suggestions and recommendations

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, the technical support is also very valuable:

  • Technical support that is available online, complete with self-help capabilities
  • Software that can be efficiently deployed on several platforms, offering you the support you need anytime, anywhere
  • Non-stop problem resolution for really severe situations
  • Support for all things EDI: implementation, migration and any IT-related questions

As we can see from the benefits listed before, the fees you are paying are actually an investment in your own software application. They are basically a guarantee that your software application will always be kept up to date and will have access to new technologies and resources, that in the end will boost your company’s productivity. Convinced? If so, give DCA Ventures a call and we will gladly assist with renewing your EDI/MFT software product.

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