Integrating with Marketplace

As you may already know, is an indisputable giant among the worldwide online marketplaces and can work wonders for your company. It offers tremendous exposure for your products, enabling sales to go up and your company to penetrate new markets and audiences. However, selling on is no easy feat – you will need to be on top of your game, being in control of your inventory without having to manually intervene too much.

The EDIconnect platform, provided by DCA Ventures, gives you just that – it integrates flawlessly with the Amazon Marketplace, enabling you to gain tremendous profitability almost effortlessly. EDIconnect offers you transparence in the order processing system, offering you real-time status of all your orders and the possibility to efficiently manage your inventory.

Your EDIconnect Order Management System will automatically identify and process all the orders that have been placed for your products on Amazon. To this end, the flip side enables your seller’s account on Amazon to be automatically and immediately updated on Amazon each time you update information on EDIconnect.

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