How to choose your team according to your EDI needs

Are you thinking of implementing EDI for your business and laying out the plan for what is to come in this process? If so, you have most certainly carefully analyzed everything and weighed in every factor, reaching the conclusion that indeed an EDI system would benefit your business. But have you considered what it will take to maintain such a system? Maintenance and upgrades will require a dedicated staff that is on call whenever changes need to be made.


Before going down this path you will need to decide on the way in which you can provide the EDI staff you need in order to fully benefit from this system. Your two options are to either hire the personnel to handle everything or to outsource it to a professional company that has all the required expertise to deal with unforeseen situations. Let us take a closer look at both situations, so that you can establish which better suits your company’s needs and budget:

On-premise EDI personnel

In order to establish whether this option is a viable one for your company, you will need to answer a few key-questions. How many trading partners do you have? Do they expect top notch communication and little downtime? If you have a considerable number of trading partners and they have little tolerance for downtime you might want to consider hiring permanent personnel to take care of your EDI needs.

But choosing the right staff can also be cumbersome and inefficient if you do not have experience in the field. We can lend a helping hand with the process and to counsel you in order to hire the right candidates.

Outsourcing your EDI operations

Perhaps you have a small company with just a few employees and the scenario above does not apply to you and your company. To this extent, your budget may be according to the size of your company. In this case, the ideal version for you would be to collaborate with a specialized company that has trained EDI experts. They will handle all operations related to troubleshooting, upgrading and routine maintenance.

By leaving everything up to them, you will finally be able to focus on more pressing aspects of your business. An EDI system basically streamlines everything, making your company more productive and agile. This is a win-win scenario, since you get to enjoy both the new, high-performance technology and the authorized advice from qualified personnel.

Don’t forget that you will also be indirectly rewarded financially by having satisfied trading partners who have a professional and efficient business relationship with you, that fulfills your common objectives. Regardless of the version you opt for, be certain that having an EDI system will pay off for your business. If you want to find out more, give us a call.

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