How to choose the right team for your EDI needs?

Do you want to implement EDI for your business, and are you at the point where you’re sketching out the next steps in the process? If yes, you’ve likely already analyzed everything and considered all factors, thus reaching the conclusion that indeed your business could benefit from implementing an EDI system. But have you taken into account the resources you’ll need to maintain such a system? Maintenance operations and upgrades will require a dedicated staff ready to apply the necessary changes.

Before moving forward, you will need to decide how to establish the team you need to fully benefit from this system. Your two options are either to hire the staff to handle everything or to outsource the services to a specialized company with the expertise to handle unforeseen situations. Below, we will elaborate on both scenarios to help determine which better suits your company’s needs and budget:

Hiring a Permanent EDI Team

To determine if this option is suitable for your company, you will need to answer a few essential questions. How many business partners do you have? Do they expect excellent communication and minimal system downtime? If you have a sufficient number of business partners, and they have low tolerance for system downtime, you should consider hiring a permanent team to address all your EDI needs.

However, choosing the right personnel can be challenging and inefficient if you lack experience in the field. We can assist you in this process and provide guidance so that you can select the right candidates.

Outsourcing Your EDI Operations

If you have a small-sized company with just a few employees, the scenario mentioned above may not apply to you. In this context, your budget is likely proportionate to the size of your company. In such a case, the ideal option for you would be to collaborate with a specialized company that has experts trained in this field. They will handle all the operations related to troubleshooting issues, installing upgrades, and performing maintenance operations.

By delegating all responsibilities to them, you will ultimately be able to focus on the more urgent aspects of your business. An efficient EDI system streamlines all of a company’s operations, making it more productive and efficient. This is a scenario from which both parties involved benefit, as you can enjoy both high-performance technology and authorized guidance from knowledgeable staff.

Do not forget that, indirectly, you will also experience long-lasting financial benefits as a result of collaborating with some business partners who have a more than satisfactory business relationship with you, which meets all the jointly set objectives. Regardless of the version you choose, be sure that having an EDI system will be more than advantageous for your business. If you want to learn more information, give us a call.