How to choose the right EDI service provider for your company

Perhaps you are finally at a point when you have decided that it is better to pass on to a third party all activities that are related to having an EDI system. The first step is in place, now you just need to identify the right EDI service provider for your company.


And it’s not as if you can go to whoever is monopolizing the market and choose them as your service provider – there is no such company because there is no such universal solution. Each service provider only covers certain industries and knows the specifics applicable there, so you will need to choose the one that is most prepared in your field.  Other than that, you will need to analyze their pricing plans and see how they go with your own scheduled budget.

Experience is always a bonus

Your EDI needs must be taken care of by the right specialist – they need to have experience working in your industry, having encountered most of the situations you may encounter too. Your task of finding the right EDI service provider is especially difficult if your company is a niche one. Your provider needs to have a proven track record, they need to have credentials that you can check – that gives them a competitive edge on the market.

Prices speak for themselves

As tempting as low prices may be, they can be an indicator of incomplete services, if not poor ones altogether. They may cover just basic services, but you may end up short of training, support or on boarding new partners. These are important services that should not be treated as add-ons, but as a given from the very beginning.

This way you will not be confronted with unpleasant situations, such as having to pay for something you thought was included in the initial fee. You need experts who can really give you a helping hand whenever you get slumped and not simply point out what you need to do to fix it yourself.

Commitment is a requirement on both sides

If you want to embark on this journey with an EDI service provider, you need them to be stable and serious. Also, you need to have some sort of proof that they will still be there tomorrow. In order to do this, you need to somehow check the company’s credentials, talk to its long-term customers and see why they are still there and how it si working out for them. Client retention is a great indicator of success and stability.

And since we are talking about technology, it is important to make sure that the solution offered by your EDI provider is one that will garner great results in the future as well and that it will be adaptable to the ebbs and flows of time. Of course, not any EDI provider can give you that – this is precisely why you need to do serious research. Flexibility and adaptability are key and they need to be mentioned as important criteria in your negotiation with the EDI provider.

The right EDI provider for your business is just around the corner – you just need to identify what your needs and priorities are.

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