EDIconnect Platform

EDIconnect Platform

EDIconnect Platform is, in a broad sense, a business-to-business (B2B) solution based on EDI technology that supports the integration, synchronization, collaboration, and electronic exchange of commercial/financial documents (purchase orders, delivery notes, receipts, invoices) between business partners.

The EDIconnect Platform is available in two versions:

EDIconnect Web Platform

ERP Automation

  • secure online access to your documents 24/7 (orders, shipping notes, receipts, invoices, etc.);
  • view invoices and other documents in PDF or HTML format for quick printing;
  • retention of invoices in their original format;
  • invoices can be exported in various formats such as XML
  • document lists can be exported in Microsoft Excel format;
  • periodic summary of invoices (e.g., monthly);
  • temporary access for auditors – ANAF or internal audit;
  • history of operation logs (activity log).
  • complete automation (automated process management and reporting within the EDI application);
  • data routing, translation, and delivery;
  • data translation (mapping and templates);
  • data conversion (from any to any);
  • electronic communication routing (based on headers, file names, directories, exchange IDs, transaction type);
  • conversion and adaptation of communication protocols (from any to any);
  • workflow (process management and document circulation);
  • automation (management of automated processes and reporting within the EDI application);
  • EDIconnect web solution included as a backup and management measure.

Recomandam solutia companiilor care

schimba lunar un numar redus de documente de pana la 50-100.

Recomandam solutia companiilor care

care doresc o automatizare completa a schimbului de documente comerciale sau financiare cu sistemul ERP.

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