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X400 was an email system developed in the 1980s and primarily used in Europe. It was designed to facilitate message transfer between various terminal points connected to the X.25 network. The system aimed to provide a secure and reliable environment for message transmission, ensuring delivery confirmation and data integrity control.

Use case:

A relevant use case for the X400 system is in the logistics industry. Let’s assume a company that delivers goods in Europe wants to establish efficient communication with different suppliers and business partners. By implementing X400 and utilizing the EDIconnect platform, this company can achieve fast and secure document transfers, such as delivery orders, invoices, and shipping notices, to their partners. This improves logistic process efficiency and minimizes the risk of errors or information loss.

Example of Script Code:

import x400library

x400_session = x400library.create_session(“smtp.example.com”, 25)
x400_session.login(“username”, “password”)

message = x400library.create_message()
message.set_subject(“Message Subject”)
message.set_body(“This is the content of the message.”)



Best Practices:

  1. Ensure you have an adequate network infrastructure and a secure connection for X400 message transfer.
  2. Follow appropriate authentication and security protocols to prevent unauthorized access to messages.
  3. Perform testing and simulations to verify the correct functioning of the system before implementing it in production.
  4. Maintain and update the X400 system to benefit from the latest features and security fixes.

To implement and manage the X400 system, you may consider using the EDIconnect platform. EDIconnect is an EDI solution provider that supports various EDI protocols, including X400. The EDIconnect platform can assist you in integrating the X400 system into your existing infrastructure and leverage its advanced features for efficient and secure communication.