Variable-Length File

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Variable-Length File


Variable-length files represent a flexible form of data organization in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology. They allow segments to contain data elements with variable lengths, which can be adjusted based on the specific requirements of each segment. Thus, variable-length files enable efficient transmission of information in an adaptable format and can save space within EDI transmissions.

Use case:

A use case example of a variable-length file in the context of EDI can be found in the logistics industry. Let’s assume a transportation company uses EDI to exchange information with its partners. By utilizing a variable-length file, the company can transmit shipment-related information such as weight, dimensions, and description in a flexible format that adapts to the requirements of each segment. This allows for efficient data exchange and better integration between logistics systems.

Example of script code:

import ediconnect

# Define a variable-length file
variable_length_file = ediconnect.create_variable_length_file()

# Add a segment to the file
segment = ediconnect.create_segment()
segment.add_element(“Field1”, “Value1”)
segment.add_element(“Field2”, “Value2”)

# Serialize the file into EDI format
edi_data = variable_length_file.to_edi()

# Disassemble the EDI data into a variable-length file
restored_variable_length_file = ediconnect.from_edi(edi_data)

# Process the segments in the restored file
for segment in restored_variable_length_file.segments:
for element in segment.elements:
print(, element.value)

Best practices:

  1. Follow EDI standards and specifications from your partners for data element and segment delimiters in variable-length files.
  2. Ensure all segments and data elements are properly structured and fall within the specified minimum and maximum limits.
  3. Perform rigorous testing to verify compatibility and correctness of variable-length files before transmitting them to partners.
  4. Maintain clear and up-to-date documentation regarding the format and structure of variable-length files to ensure common understanding between you and your partners.

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