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Value-Added Network (VAN) refers to a third-party entity that handles the electronic exchange of information between subscribers to its services. Also known as an EDI Network Services Provider, a VAN offers essential services for transmitting documents electronically among participants. VANs provide services such as electronic mailboxing for EDI transmissions, protocol and speed conversion, as well as EDI record keeping for audit tracking.

Value-Added Networks (VANs) are key components in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology, ensuring efficient and secure exchange of business information among different participants. These specialized third-party entities facilitate the secure transmission of EDI documents among their subscribers. The term “VAN” is often replaced with “EDI Network Services Provider” to reflect technological advancements and the expanded range of services offered.

Use case:

A use case example of a Value-Added Network in EDI technology can be seen in the e-commerce industry. Let’s consider an online retail company that utilizes EDI to communicate with its suppliers. Through a Value-Added Network, the company can securely send and receive EDI documents in an efficient manner. The VAN ensures the routing of EDI documents to the correct destination, performs protocol and speed conversions to meet each participant’s needs, and maintains EDI records for audit and transaction tracking.

Example of script code:

import ediconnect

# Connect to VAN services
van_connection = ediconnect.connect_to_van(“van_address”, “van_username”, “van_password”)

# Send an EDI document via VAN
edi_document = ediconnect.create_document(“INVOICE”)
edi_document.add_segment(“Customer”, “John Doe”)
edi_document.add_segment(“Amount”, “100.00”)


# Receive an EDI document via VAN
received_document = van_connection.receive_document()

# Process the received document
for segment in received_document.segments:
print(, segment.value)

# Disconnect from VAN services

Best practices:

  1. Configure connections and partnerships with VANs to align with the needs and requirements of your business.
  2. Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of transmitted and received EDI documents to ensure proper audit tracking and transaction history.
  3. Use security protocols such as encryption and authentication to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of EDI data during transmission through VAN.
  4. Understand and comply with relevant EDI standards and regulations, ensuring that EDI documents adhere to specified structures and formats.

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