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UN/CEFACT (United Nations Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business) is a global organization operating under the auspices of the United Nations. It focuses on facilitating the efficient exchange of products and services between business, trade, and administrative organizations. Its goal is to develop and promote standards, recommendations, and technical solutions that enhance the interaction and collaboration among entities involved in business processes.

UN/CEFACT addresses various aspects of trade facilitation and electronic business, including data and procedure harmonization, standardization of commercial documents, and the development of technological tools for systems interoperability. Through these efforts, it aims to reduce barriers and costs associated with the exchange of business information, thus improving the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises.

Use case:

A use case for the standards and solutions developed by UN/CEFACT is in customs and international trade. Organizations involved in import and export processes can implement UN/CEFACT standards to facilitate electronic exchange of customs documents, such as customs declarations, commercial invoices, and transport documents. This enables workflow automation and reduces the time and resources required for processing customs documents.

Example of script code:

import ediconnect

# Connect to the EDIconnect platform
ediconnect.connect(username=’user’, password=’password’)

# Generate a commercial document according to UN/CEFACT standards
document = ediconnect.generate_document(‘UN/CEFACT’, {‘sender’: ‘12345’, ‘receiver’: ‘67890’, ‘content’: ‘Example document according to UN/CEFACT’})

# Receive and process a document according to UN/CEFACT standards
received_document = ediconnect.receive_document()
if received_document.standard == ‘UN/CEFACT’:
content = received_document.content
sender = received_document.sender
receiver = received_document.receiver
# Process the document according to business needs

# Disconnect from the EDIconnect platform

Best practices:

  1. Gain a thorough understanding of the relevant UN/CEFACT standards and recommendations for your business domain.
  2. Implement and configure EDI solutions correctly that comply with UN/CEFACT standards.
  3. Systematically update the implementation in line with new versions and advancements of UN/CEFACT standards.
  4. Ensure that your business partners also align with and adhere to UN/CEFACT standards.
  5. Monitor and evaluate the performance and efficiency of using UN/CEFACT standards and solutions to identify and implement continuous improvements.

To benefit from UN/CEFACT standards and successfully implement EDI solutions, EDIconnect is a specialized platform that provides comprehensive electronic data interchange management services. Through EDIconnect, you can access UN/CEFACT standards, implement compliant solutions, and utilize the necessary technological tools to facilitate efficient exchange of business information in accordance with UN/CEFACT standards and the specific needs of your business.