The IP-based network for the Australian automotive industry

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The IP-based network for the Australian automotive industry


Australian Automotive Network Exchange (AANX) is an IP-based network specifically developed for the Australian automotive industry. This network provides a secure and robust platform for the electronic exchange of data among partners in the automotive industry, facilitating efficient and secure communication between vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, and other entities involved in the automotive supply chain.


AANX is an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution that focuses on the specific needs of the Australian automotive industry. By utilizing the IP protocol, AANX enables the transmission and reception of EDI messages between various parties in the automotive industry, including vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and other business entities.

This IP network ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, considering the importance of sensitive and critical information for automotive production and supply processes. AANX provides a high level of security, including authentication, encryption, and other data protection measures to prevent unauthorized access and manipulation of information.

One use case of the AANX network is the management of purchase orders and advance ship notices (ASN) between a vehicle manufacturer and its suppliers. By utilizing EDI messages on the AANX network, the vehicle manufacturer can send purchase orders to suppliers and receive ASN messages that contain details about shipments and estimated arrival time. This efficient and accurate electronic communication reduces errors and delays in the procurement process, contributing to the optimization of the automotive supply chain.

Example Script Code:

import ediconnect

def send_purchase_order(purchase_order):
# Transform the purchase order into AANX-specific EDI format
edi_message = ediconnect.transform_to_edi(purchase_order, ‘AANX’)
# Send the EDI message to suppliers via the AANX network

def process_advance_ship_notice(advance_ship_notice):
# Transform the advance ship notice into AANX-specific EDI format
edi_message = ediconnect.transform_to_edi(advance_ship_notice, ‘AANX’)
# Process the advance ship notice and update inventory
# …

# Example usage of the AANX network in the automotive supply chain
purchase_order = {
‘order_number’: ‘PO123456’,
‘customer’: ‘Vehicle Manufacturer XYZ’,
‘items’: [
{‘product_code’: ‘P123’, ‘quantity’: 10},
{‘product_code’: ‘P456’, ‘quantity’: 5},
# …

# Send the purchase order

# Process the advance ship notice from the supplier
advance_ship_notice = {
‘order_number’: ‘PO123456’,
‘status’: ‘Shipped’,
‘estimated_arrival_date’: ‘2023-07-01’,
# …


Best Practices:

  1. Implement security measures: Ensure that you implement appropriate security measures, such as authentication and data encryption, to protect sensitive information during the electronic data exchange on the AANX network.
  2. Perform testing and validation: Before going into production, test and validate EDI messages on the AANX network to ensure compliance and data accuracy.
  3. Use specialized EDI services and solutions: To simplify and optimize electronic data exchange on the AANX network, you can utilize EDI solutions provided by specialized providers like EDIconnect. These providers can offer customized tools and services for the efficient implementation and management of EDI on the AANX network.

EDIconnect is an EDI solution provider that offers support for implementing the AANX network and EDI solutions in general. With their advanced platform and expertise in the field of EDI, EDIconnect can assist you in efficiently implementing and utilizing the AANX network, contributing to improved communication and electronic data exchange in the Australian automotive industry.