The Common EDI Forum

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The Common EDI Forum


CEDI (Common EDI Forum) is an organization that has developed a set of message implementation guidelines for the grocery industry in the UK. Their aim is to standardize and facilitate the electronic data interchange between companies in the food industry through EDI technology.

CEDI plays an important role in promoting the adoption and efficient use of EDI technology in the food sector. These implementation guidelines provide detailed instructions on message structure and content, as well as rules and best practices to ensure efficient and accurate data exchange.

Use Case:

One use case for CEDI guidelines is in the procurement process within the UK’s food industry. By following these guidelines, suppliers and traders can achieve automated and standardized exchange of messages such as purchase orders, delivery confirmations, and invoices. This optimizes the procurement process and reduces errors and delays associated with manual document processing.

Script Code:

import ediconnect

# Connect to the EDIconnect platform
edi_platform = ediconnect.connect(api_key=’your_api_key’)

# Define the purchase order information
purchase_order = {
‘order_number’: ‘PO001’,
‘order_date’: ‘2023-06-30’,
‘supplier’: ‘Supplier Company Name’,
# … other order details

# Send the purchase order to the trading partner
edi_platform.send_order(purchase_order, partner_id=’partner123′)

# Disconnect from the EDIconnect platform

Best Practices:

  1. Always adhere to the implementation guidelines and standards specified by CEDI to ensure compatibility and interoperability of EDI messages.
  2. Communicate and establish clear agreements with business partners regarding EDI information exchange, including accepted formats, validation rules, and frequency of message sending/receiving.
  3. Implement robust security measures such as authentication and encryption to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data during EDI transactions.
  4. Perform regular testing and validation to ensure the quality and accuracy of the sent and received EDI messages.

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