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In the field of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), a tag is a crucial element used for the unique identification of segments and data elements within EDI messages. Each segment and data element is associated with a specific tag that ensures proper identification and interpretation during EDI processing.

Use Case:

To illustrate how tags work in EDI, let’s imagine a scenario where Company A sends an electronic order to Company B using an EDI message. Within the EDI message, each relevant segment and data element for the order is identified by a unique tag. These tags allow Company B’s system to correctly identify and process each segment and data element based on its purpose and significance. Thus, tags play a crucial role in ensuring accurate interpretation and efficient handling of information within EDI messages.

Example of script code:

import EDIconnect

def create_edi_message():
message = EDIconnect.create_message()
message.add_element(“1234”, “SE01”)
message.add_element(“9876”, “SE02”)
message.add_element(“12345”, “BEG01”)
message.add_element(“20230709”, “BEG02”)
message.add_element(“ABC123”, “REF01”)
return message
except Exception as e:
print(“Error: “, str(e))
return None

def process_edi_message(message):
segments = message.get_segments()
for segment in segments:
tag = segment.get_tag()
print(“Segment Tag:”, tag)
except Exception as e:
print(“Error: “, str(e))

# Usage
edi_message = create_edi_message()
if edi_message:

Best practices:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the EDI standards and specifications used within your organization, and ensure that you use the appropriate tags for segments and data elements according to those standards.
  2. Regularly check and validate EDI messages to confirm the correctness and integrity of the tags used within them.
  3. Ensure that your EDI processing system is configured to correctly recognize and interpret the specific tags used in received messages.
  4. Implement error handling mechanisms and appropriate notifications to identify and address any tag-related issues promptly.

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