Standards, Public

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Standards, Public


Public standards are systems of EDI messages that are prepared and published by the accepted Standards Bodies worldwide.

Public standards are developed by experts and professionals from various industries who collaborate within Standards Bodies to establish common rules and formats for the exchange of business data between different entities.

Use case:

An example use case of public standards is in the logistics and supply chain domain, where companies need to communicate and exchange information related to transportation, tracking, and inventory management. By utilizing the public standards developed by Standards Bodies, companies can achieve efficient and interoperable EDI data exchanges, ensuring a smooth flow of information within the supply chain.

Example of script code:

from ediconnect import EDIConnect

# Setting up the EDI connection
edi = EDIConnect(username=’edi_user’, password=’edi_password’, host=’edi_server_address’)

# Creating the purchase order message
edi_message = edi.create_message(‘ANSI_X12_850’)

# Adding segments and fields to the EDI message
edi_message.add_segment(‘BEG’, {‘SegmentID’: ‘BEG’, ‘PurchaseOrderNumber’: ‘12345’})
edi_message.add_segment(‘REF’, {‘SegmentID’: ‘REF’, ‘ReferenceNumber’: ‘67890’})
# … add additional segments and fields

# Validating and sending the EDI message

Best practices:

  1. Strict adherence to the standard: Ensure that the implementation accurately conforms to the public standards defined by the Standards Bodies. This ensures compatibility and interoperability among the different entities involved in data exchange.
  2. Data validation: Perform rigorous validation of EDI data to prevent errors and discrepancies. Utilize specialized tools and services to validate and ensure the integrity of the data exchanged through public standards.
  3. Update and compliance: Stay up-to-date with the updates and changes to the public standards. Ensure that your implementation is compliant with the specific version of the standard and update it accordingly based on any subsequent changes to the standard.

To benefit from a comprehensive EDI solution and simplify data exchange, you can utilize the EDIconnect platform, which is an EDI solution provider. This platform offers tools and services for implementing and managing electronic data exchange using both public standards and other EDI standards.