SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol

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SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol


SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a protocol used for communication between distributed applications, enabling the exchange of structured information in XML format. It is based on standards developed by the W3C and provides a flexible and scalable framework for transmitting and receiving messages between different software systems.

Use case:

One use case for the SOAP protocol can be found in the integration between two inventory management systems. By using the SOAP protocol, one system can request information about available stocks from another system by sending a query request and receiving a structured response in XML format. This bidirectional communication allows for efficient synchronization and updating of stock information between the two systems.

Example of script code:

from zeep import Client

# Create the SOAP client
client = Client(‘’)

# Send a SOAP request to retrieve available stocks
response = client.service.GetStocks()

# Process the received response
if response:
for stock in response:
print(f”Product: {stock[‘product’]}, Quantity: {stock[‘quantity’]}”)
print(“No stocks available.”)

Best practices:

  1. Clearly define the structure and format of SOAP messages, using standardized XML schemas and WSDL contracts.
  2. Adhere to interoperability and standardization principles to ensure compatibility and efficient communication between software systems.
  3. Implement appropriate mechanisms for authentication, authorization, and security to protect SOAP messages and transmitted data.
  4. Perform validation and proper error handling in the SOAP communication process to ensure a correct and secure flow of information.

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