SFTP: Simple File Transfer Protocol

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SFTP: Simple File Transfer Protocol


SFTP (Simple File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol that enables file transfer and manipulation over any reliable data stream. It is commonly used in conjunction with the SSH-2 protocol to ensure secure file transfer. Utilizing SFTP ensures the confidentiality and integrity of transferred data, as well as the authentication of the parties involved in the file transfer.

Use case:

One use case for SFTP can be found in a file transfer process between a supplier and a customer through a secure channel. By using the SFTP protocol and the SSH-2 protocol, the supplier can securely transfer files to the customer, avoiding the risk of unauthorized access or data interception.

Example of script code:

import pysftp

# Set up SFTP connection parameters
host = ‘sftp.example.com’
username = ‘sftp_username’
password = ‘sftp_password’

# Establish SFTP connection
with pysftp.Connection(host, username=username, password=password) as sftp:
# Perform file transfer operations
sftp.put(‘local_file.txt’, ‘remote_directory/remote_file.txt’)
sftp.get(‘remote_directory/remote_file2.txt’, ‘local_file2.txt’)

# List files in a remote directory
remote_files = sftp.listdir(‘/remote_directory’)
print(“Files in remote directory:”, remote_files)

Best practices:

  1. Ensure that you are using an updated and secure version of the SFTP protocol for file transfer.
  2. Use SSH key-based authentication to ensure a high level of security in communication with the SFTP server.
  3. Encrypt files before transmitting them through SFTP, especially for sensitive or confidential files.
  4. Use SFTP connections in a secure and confidential network environment to prevent unauthorized access to transferred data.

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