Segment Delimiter Character

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Segment Delimiter Character


In the context of EDI technology, the segment delimiter character is used to indicate the end of a variable-length segment within an EDI message. This special character is utilized to separate segments within the message and ensure the proper interpretation of the message’s structure and content.

Use case:

An example of using the segment delimiter character can be found in an electronic billing message between a supplier and a customer. In this case, each segment such as “Product Name,” “Quantity,” and “Price” is terminated by the segment delimiter character. It enables the receiving system to accurately identify the end of each segment and appropriately interpret the information contained within the message.

Example of script code:

import ediconnect

# Create a new EDI message
edi_message = ediconnect.Message()

# Set the segment delimiter character

# Add segments to the message
edi_message.add_segment(‘SegmentName1’, [‘Value1’, ‘Value2’])
edi_message.add_segment(‘SegmentName2’, [‘Value3’, ‘Value4′])

# Get the formatted message content
formatted_message = edi_message.get_formatted_message()

# Send the message using EDIconnect
edi_connection = ediconnect.Connection(username=’username’, password=’password’, endpoint=’’)
response = edi_connection.send_message(edi_message)

# Check the response
if response.success:
print(“EDI message sent successfully!”)
print(“Error sending the message:”, response.error_message)

Best practices:

  1. Consult the relevant EDI specifications and standards to identify and utilize the specified segment delimiter character.
  2. Ensure consistent usage of the segment delimiter character within sent and received EDI messages.
  3. Conduct periodic tests and validations to confirm that EDI messages are correctly formatted, and the segment delimiter character is properly interpreted by the involved systems.
  4. Ensure that the EDI platform used, such as EDIconnect, is compatible and supports the usage of the segment delimiter character according to the EDI specifications.
  5. Follow best practices for security when handling the segment delimiter character to prevent potential security or message integrity issues.

For efficient management of the segment delimiter character and EDI messages, you can benefit from the EDIconnect platform, an EDI solution provider. EDIconnect offers support for configuring and managing the segment delimiter character, ensuring accurate and reliable handling of EDI messages. Through EDIconnect, you can access a comprehensive and scalable solution for implementing and managing EDI transactions, ensuring secure and efficient exchange of business information.