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A message is a block of information within EDI that forms a business transaction or a part of it. It contains structured and standardized data organized in a specific format, enabling automated processing by the information systems of different business entities. An EDI message can include information related to products, quantities, prices, delivery details, billing, and other aspects specific to business transactions.

Use Case:

An example use case for messages in EDI is within a procurement transaction between a supplier and a merchant. The supplier sends a message containing the necessary information regarding the products, quantities, prices, and other relevant details for the transaction. The message is then received by the merchant, who processes it within their own information system to finalize the transaction. Thus, EDI messages facilitate automation and streamlining of business processes, eliminating the need for manual information processing.

Script Code Example:

import edi_library

# Connect to the EDI system
edi_system = edi_library.connect_edi_system()

# Create an empty EDI message
edi_message = edi_system.create_message()

# Add relevant information to the EDI message
edi_message.add_segment(“ST”, “PurchaseOrder”)
edi_message.add_element(“PONumber”, “12345”)
edi_message.add_element(“ItemCode”, “ABC123”)
edi_message.add_element(“Quantity”, “100”)
edi_message.add_element(“Price”, “10.00”)
edi_message.add_segment(“SE”, “1”)

# Send the EDI message to the recipient

# Receive and process an incoming EDI message
received_message = edi_system.receive_message()
# Process the message as per business requirements

# Disconnect from the EDI system

Best Practices:

  1. Adhere to EDI standards and conventions for message structure and formats.
  2. Use unique identifiers to distinguish different types of messages and segments.
  3. Perform rigorous validations to ensure compliance of messages with EDI requirements and data integrity.
  4. Document the structure and content of messages in detail to facilitate understanding and further development of the EDI solution.

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