Message Structured Diagram

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Message Structured Diagram


A message structured diagram is a graphical representation of how an EDI message is structured. It presents the segments, elements, and subelements that compose the message, along with their relationships. The diagram aids in understanding the structure and organization of the message, facilitating the interpretation and processing of the information contained within.

Use Case:

An example use case for a message structured diagram in EDI is during the development and implementation of a customized EDI solution for a company. At this stage, the message structured diagram can be used to define the requirements and specifications of the EDI messages to be implemented. This enables developers to have a clear understanding of the message structure and create the necessary code for message generation and processing.

Script Code Example:

import edi_library
import diagram_library

# Connect to the EDI system
edi_system = edi_library.connect_edi_system()

# Retrieve the structure of a specific EDI message
edi_message_structure = edi_system.get_message_structure(“PurchaseOrder”)

# Generate a structured diagram of the message
message_diagram = diagram_library.generate_message_diagram(edi_message_structure)

# Display the message diagram

# Disconnect from the EDI system

Best Practices:

  1. Utilize specialized tools and libraries for automatically generating structured diagrams of EDI messages.
  2. Ensure that the structured diagrams are kept up to date in line with any changes to the message structure.
  3. Document the structured diagrams to facilitate understanding and collaboration among teams involved in the development and implementation of the EDI solution.

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