Implementation Guide

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Implementation Guide


The implementation Guide is a publication that lists the EDI messages used in a specific industry or application. It specifies how the information in those messages should be presented on a segment-by-segment and data-element-by-data-element basis, including which segments and data elements are required, which are optional, and what code values are expected in the application of that particular message.

Use Case:

Let’s take an example of a company in the retail industry that wants to implement an automated order and invoicing process with a major supplier. In this case, the implementation guide will contain the description of the relevant EDI messages for this business interaction. It will specify the required data fields for each message, such as the order number, product quantities, prices, delivery dates, etc. It will also include the code values accepted for certain fields, ensuring a proper interpretation of the data.

Example code:

# Import EDIconnect library
import ediconnect

# Load EDI message
edi_message = “UNA:+.? ‘\nUNB+UNOA:1+SENDER+RECEIVER+200101:1000+1’\nUNH+1+ORDERS:D:96A:UN’\n…

# Parse the EDI message
parsed_message = ediconnect.parse(edi_message)

# Extract relevant data from the parsed message
order_number = parsed_message.get(‘ORDERS/DocumentMessageName/MessageIdentifier’)
order_items = parsed_message.get(‘ORDERS/OrderDetails/LineItem’)

# Process the order and create a response
response = process_order(order_number, order_items)

# Generate the EDI response message
edi_response = generate_edi_response(response)

# Send the EDI response message back to the trading partner

Best Practices:

  1. Before implementing EDI, ensure you understand the specific requirements of your business partners and the industry you operate in.
  2. Follow the implementation guide to avoid errors in transmitting and processing EDI messages.
  3. Conduct necessary testing with business partners before moving to production EDI implementation.

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