Goods Received Note

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Goods Received Note


The Goods Received Note (GRN) is an essential document in the goods receiving process for a customer. It serves as an official confirmation of the quantity and quality of the received goods, and the information contained in the GRN is used to verify and validate invoices for payment approval.

Use case:

An example use case of the Goods Received Note is within a distribution company. When a customer receives a delivery of goods, they would generate a GRN to record all relevant details about the quantity and quality of the received goods. This includes information such as the supplier’s name, delivery date, product identification number, delivered quantity, and any observed discrepancies.

Example of script code:

def generate_grn(customer, delivery_date, product_code, quantity_received):
grn = {
“Customer”: customer,
“DeliveryDate”: delivery_date,
“ProductCode”: product_code,
“QuantityReceived”: quantity_received

return grn

# Example usage
customer = “ABC Company”
delivery_date = “2023-07-05”
product_code = “1234567890”
quantity_received = 100

grn = generate_grn(customer, delivery_date, product_code, quantity_received)


  1. Conduct thorough verification of the received goods to ensure they conform to the specifications and expected quantities.
  2. Prompt and accurate recording of relevant information in the GRN to avoid errors or discrepancies in the billing process.
  3. Maintain a well-organized and accessible system for archiving GRNs to allow for quick retrieval of information and efficient approval of payment invoices.
  4. Utilize a specialized EDI solution like the EDIconnect platform to facilitate automated sending and receiving of GRNs between business partners and ensure efficient document flow management within EDI processes.

In this context, EDIconnect is a reliable EDI solution provider that can offer support and comprehensive solutions for implementing and efficiently utilizing the Goods Received Note and other EDI processes.