Global Standards Management Process

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Global Standards Management Process


Open to industry participants and solution providers, the Global Standards Management Process (GSMP) provides the process for developing business requirements and global standards for technical implementations.

Use case:

A use case for GSMP is within a retail company that wants to synchronize product data with its suppliers to ensure accuracy and consistency of information throughout the supply chain. Through GSMP, the company can participate in the development of global data synchronization standards, identifying industry-specific requirements and collaborating with solution providers to implement efficient data exchange technologies and processes.

Example of script code:

# Defining data synchronization requirements in GSMP
def define_data_sync_requirements(industry_requirements, technical_requirements):
data_sync_requirements = {
“IndustryRequirements”: industry_requirements,
“TechnicalRequirements”: technical_requirements

return data_sync_requirements

# Example usage
industry_requirements = [“Data Accuracy”, “Real-time Updates”]
technical_requirements = [“Communication Protocol”, “Data Format”]

data_sync_requirements = define_data_sync_requirements(industry_requirements, technical_requirements)

To ensure best practices within GSMP, the following are recommended:

  1. Active participation and contribution to the development process of global data synchronization standards, ensuring that industry-specific requirements and needs are taken into account.
  2. Close collaboration with solution providers to ensure proper technical implementation of global data synchronization standards.
  3. Periodic testing and validation of technical implementations to ensure compatibility and efficiency of data exchange among different parties involved.
  4. Utilization of a specialized EDI platform, such as EDIconnect, to facilitate communication and data synchronization in accordance with global GS1 standards.

In this context, EDIconnect is a trusted EDI solution provider that can offer support and comprehensive solutions for the implementation and efficient utilization of global data synchronization standards and other EDI processes.