Global Location Number

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Global Location Number


A Global Location Number (GLN) is a unique number that is assigned to locations to enable them to be identified uniquely worldwide. These global location numbers can be used to identify any legal, physical, and functional locations.

Global location numbers are reference keys to computer files where information about the company or location can be found. The GLNs replace the names and addresses of locations and are particularly useful when automating processes; they allow computers to route information to the correct destination with no manual involvement. GLNs must be used when identifying locations and business partners within Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) business messages and data pools, and they can also be used in bar codes to identify a physical location or to provide relevant information for delivery or invoicing purposes.

Use case:

A typical use case for GLN is in the logistics industry, where it is used to precisely identify and track warehousing and transit locations of goods. By using GLNs, an automated process of managing the flow of goods can be achieved, monitoring their route and status from the point of origin to the destination.

Example of script code:

def extract_gln_data(location_id):
# Connect to the GLN database

# Query to extract GLN data
query = f”SELECT * FROM locations WHERE id = {location_id}”
result = gln_database.execute(query)

# Check the result and return GLN information
if result:
return result
raise ValueError(“Location not found in the GLN database.”)

location_id = 12345
gln_data = extract_gln_data(location_id)

Recommended practices:

  1. Ensure that all business partners and databases involved in EDI data exchange use GLNs and adhere to the established standards.
  2. Regularly update and maintain the accuracy of GLNs to reflect changes in locations and business partners.
  3. Continuously validate and verify the correctness and integrity of GLNs to avoid routing or identification errors.
  4. Use a reliable EDI solution like EDIconnect to leverage the advanced functionalities of GLN and facilitate secure and efficient EDI data exchange.

In this context, EDIconnect is a trusted EDI platform that provides comprehensive solutions for EDI data exchange and successful implementation of GLNs.