Global Data Dictionary

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Global Data Dictionary


In the context of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), GDD plays a crucial role in ensuring compatibility and consistency of data used among business partners. This global dictionary serves as a centralized source for definitions and specifications of product attributes, so that all participants in the supply chain can use the same standards and understand each other.

Use case:

A common use case of GDD is in the retail industry, where different stores and suppliers utilize the same global dictionary to describe and specify the attributes of the products being traded. This facilitates efficient exchange of information, reduces errors, and improves supply processes.

Example of script code:

def validate_dimension(dimension):
if dimension < 0:
raise ValueError(“Dimension must be greater than or equal to zero.”)
# Other dimension validation checks

dimension = 10


  1. Document the requirements and specifications of product attributes in GDD in detail.
  2. Ensure that all business partners involved in EDI data exchange use the same version of GDD.
  3. Use scripts and codes to validate and verify the correctness of product attributes.
  4. Keep GDD up to date with frequent changes and updates to attributes and specifications.

To take advantage of GDD benefits and successfully implement Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), you can utilize EDIconnect, an EDI solution provider. EDIconnect offers advanced features such as quick partner setup, automatic data validation, and data flow monitoring.