Global Data Dictionary

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Global Data Dictionary


The Global Data Dictionary (GDD) is a vital resource in the field of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and serves as a centralized repository that holds the definitions and attributes of all data elements used within GS1 Business Message Standards. It provides a common and consistent reference for understanding and interpreting the data elements used in electronic communication between companies.

Use case:

A typical use case for the Global Data Dictionary is in the process of business transactions between trading partners. When two companies wish to exchange EDI messages, the use of the Global Data Dictionary ensures that the definitions and attributes of the data elements used in their messages are standardized and consistent. This facilitates communication and interoperability between the companies’ information systems.

Example of script code:

def get_data_element_definition(element_name):
# Connect to the GDD service

# Query the GDD service to retrieve the definition of the data element
query = f”SELECT definition FROM data_elements WHERE name = ‘{element_name}'”
result = gdd_service.execute(query)

# Check the result and return the data element definition
if result:
return result
raise ValueError(“Data element definition not found in the Global Data Dictionary.”)

element_name = “ProductCode”
definition = get_data_element_definition(element_name)


  1. Regularly update the Global Data Dictionary to reflect new standards and changes in the definitions and attributes of data elements.
  2. Maintain clear and up-to-date documentation of the definitions and attributes of data elements used within your company.
  3. Ensure that all business partners and suppliers involved in EDI data exchange use the same definitions and attributes for common data elements.
  4. Utilize a specialized EDI solution such as the EDIconnect platform to benefit from the advanced features of the Global Data Dictionary and facilitate efficient EDI data exchange.

In this context, EDIconnect is a trusted EDI solution provider that can offer support and comprehensive solutions for implementing and utilizing the Global Data Dictionary.