Global Company Identifier

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Global Company Identifier


The Global Company Identifier (GCI) is a crucial element within the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) landscape and is used to uniquely identify companies globally. It is a universal numbering system that ensures each company is assigned a unique code, facilitating their identification and management in business processes.

Use case:

A typical use case for the Global Company Identifier is in the procurement process. Companies utilize the GCI to uniquely identify suppliers and business partners they collaborate with. This facilitates commercial transactions, document exchange, and streamlined management of business relationships.

Example of script code:

def get_company_details(gci):
# Connect to the GCI service

# Query the GCI service to retrieve company details
query = f”SELECT * FROM companies WHERE gci = ‘{gci}'”
result = gci_service.execute(query)

# Check the result and return the company details
if result:
return result
raise ValueError(“Company details not found for the given GCI.”)

gci = “1234567890”
company_details = get_company_details(gci)

Best practices:

  1. Ensure that all companies and business partners involved in the EDI process have a unique and valid Global Company Identifier according to RosettaNet standards.
  2. Regularly verify and update the Global Company Identifier database to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.
  3. Perform periodic checks to ensure that all transactions and data exchanges correctly and consistently use the Global Company Identifier.
  4. Utilize a specialized EDI solution provider like EDIconnect to benefit from advanced features of the Global Company Identifier and facilitate efficient EDI data exchange.

In this context, EDIconnect is a trusted EDI platform that can provide comprehensive support and solutions for implementing and utilizing the Global Company Identifier.