Evaluated Receipts Settlement

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Evaluated Receipts Settlement


In the business world, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) plays a crucial role in optimizing business processes and facilitating communication and data exchange between trading partners. Evaluated Receipts Settlement (ERS) is another important application of EDI technology, used to efficiently and transparently manage payments to suppliers.

A traditional method of managing supplier payments involves the use of invoices. However, ERS eliminates the need for physical invoices, reducing costs and processing time. Instead of invoices, ERS relies on electronically received information through EDI messages to initiate payments to suppliers. This simplifies and automates the workflow, ensuring better visibility and tracking of the procurement and payment process.

Example of code:

from EDIconnect import EDI_Message

# Code for initiating ERS
def initiate_ers(buyer, supplier, agreed_price, quantity_delivered):
# Create EDI message for ERS
ers_message = EDI_Message(

# Send EDI message to the supplier

# Check acknowledgment
if ers_message.is_acknowledged():
return “Evaluated Receipts Settlement process initiated successfully!”
return “Error initiating ERS process. Please check the EDI connection.”

# Example usage of the initiate_ers function
buying_company = “Buying Company”
supplier_company = “Auto Supplier”
price = 1500.00 # agreed price per unit
quantity = 100 # quantity delivered

result = initiate_ers(buying_company, supplier_company, price, quantity)

Best practices:

  1. Configure a robust EDI solution: Use a reliable EDI platform like EDIconnect that provides suitable functionalities and services for the ERS process.
  2. Ensure efficient communication: Establish a secure and stable connection between trading partners and ensure that EDI messages are transmitted and received properly.
  3. Define clear and accurate agreements: Before initiating the ERS process, ensure that the price and quantity have been agreed upon and specified in a blanket order or other purchase order.
  4. Monitor and validate the information: Track the advance ship notices and verify if the delivered quantity matches the previously agreed quantity.

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