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Encryption is the process of transforming clear text into cipher text using cryptographic algorithms. The main objective of encryption is to ensure data security and confidentiality by rendering it unreadable to unauthorized individuals. The cipher text can only be decrypted by the legitimate recipient possessing the corresponding decryption keys.

Use Case:

A use case for encryption within electronic data interchange can be seen in the transmission of invoices between a supplier and a customer. By employing a script, we can automate the process of encrypting and decrypting data before and after transmission.

Example of script code:

from cryptography.fernet import Fernet

# Generating an encryption key
def generate_encryption_key():
key = Fernet.generate_key()
return key

# Encrypting the message
def encrypt_message(message, key):
cipher_suite = Fernet(key)
encrypted_message = cipher_suite.encrypt(message.encode())
return encrypted_message

# Decrypting the message
def decrypt_message(encrypted_message, key):
cipher_suite = Fernet(key)
decrypted_message = cipher_suite.decrypt(encrypted_message)
return decrypted_message.decode()

# Usage:
encryption_key = generate_encryption_key()
message = “The message to encrypt”

encrypted_message = encrypt_message(message, encryption_key)
decrypted_message = decrypt_message(encrypted_message, encryption_key)

print(“Original message:”, message)
print(“Encrypted message:”, encrypted_message)
print(“Decrypted message:”, decrypted_message)

Best Practices:

  1. Use Strong Cryptographic Algorithms: Employ robust and regularly updated encryption algorithms to ensure adequate data protection.
  2. Safeguard Encryption Keys: Keep encryption keys in a secure environment and ensure they are accessible only to authorized individuals.
  3. Manage Key Lifecycle: Periodically update and revoke encryption keys to prevent unauthorized access to encrypted data.

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