Element Reference Number

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Element Reference Number


An Element Reference Number is a unique number assigned to each element in the segment diagram, associated with its corresponding definition in the data dictionary. This number facilitates the identification and correct interpretation of the element values within EDI segments.

Use Case:

A use case for the Element Reference Number could be in the process of transmitting product information in a purchase order document. By using a script, we can access the corresponding definition of each element used in the document and perform further operations.

Example of script code:

def process_order_segment(segment):
element_reference_number = segment[0:3]
element_value = segment[3:]
# Use the element value in processing

# Usage:
order_segment = ‘LINABC123’

Best Practices:

  1. Data Dictionary Usage: Refer to the data dictionary associated with the EDI standard to correctly identify and use the Element Reference Numbers.
  2. Detailed Documentation: Maintain comprehensive and up-to-date documentation regarding the Element Reference Numbers used in the EDI data exchange to ensure consistency and proper understanding of the information.
  3. Testing and Validation: Perform thorough testing and validation of EDI documents to confirm that Element Reference Numbers are used correctly and interpreted accurately.

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