Element Delimiter

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Element Delimiter


An element delimiter is a special character that marks the beginning and end of each data element within an EDI segment. The element delimiter is used to separate and clearly identify each element value within a segment, facilitating proper interpretation of the data by the receiving system.

Use Case:

A use case for the element delimiter could be in the process of transmitting product details in an invoice document. By using a script, we can extract the values of each product element within a segment and further process them.

Example of script code:

def process_invoice_segment(segment):
elements = segment.split(‘*’)
for element in elements:
# Process the value of each element

# Usage:
invoice_segment = ‘LIN*1*ABC123*10*USD’

Best Practices:

  1. Adhere to Specifications: Ensure that the element delimiters comply with the specifications of the EDI standard used in the data exchange.
  2. Data Validation: Perform thorough checks to ensure that element values are properly delimited and conform to the specified structure and formats.
  3. Testing and Validation: Conduct comprehensive testing on EDI documents to confirm that element delimiters are correctly interpreted by processing systems.

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