Dispatch Advice Message

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Dispatch Advice Message


In the context of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), DESADV represents the Dispatch Advice Message. It is used to provide information about the dispatch and delivery of goods between business partners. The Dispatch Advice Message contains details about the shipment, transportation methods, pick-up and delivery addresses, and other relevant information.

Use case of the DESADV message in EDI:

An example of using the DESADV message is in the logistics industry, particularly in supply chain management. Through this message, the supplier can automatically transmit information about shipments and deliveries to the business partner, ensuring efficient and synchronized communication of shipment details.

Example script code:

import json
from datetime import datetime

def create_desadv_message(shipments):
message = {
message_type”: “DESADV”,
“timestamp”: datetime.now().isoformat(),
“shipments”: shipments
return json.dumps(message)

# Example usage of the create_desadv_message function
shipment_data = [
“shipment_id”: “12345”,
“product”: “Product A”,
“quantity”: 100,
“destination”: “Warehouse X”
“shipment_id”: “67890”,
“product”: “Product B”,
“quantity”: 200,
“destination”: “Warehouse Y”

desadv_message = create_desadv_message(shipment_data)

Best practices for using the DESADV message in EDI:

  1. Ensure that the data in the DESADV message is accurate and up-to-date according to the actual shipment.
  2. Validate and verify the shipment-related information to avoid errors and discrepancies.
  3. Use standardized message formats and adhere to data naming and structure conventions.
  4. Maintain clear and updated documentation of the shipment processes and specific requirements of the business partners.

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