Delivery Notice

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Delivery Notice


In the context of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the term “Delivery Notice” is the European equivalent of an ASN (Advance Shipping Notice). This notice is used to provide information about the shipment and delivery of goods between business partners. The main purpose of the delivery notice is to allow the recipient to receive detailed information about the shipment and arrival of the goods before they reach their destination.

The delivery notice includes information such as the estimated date and time of delivery, product details, quantities, identifiers, transport information, and other relevant details. This notice enables the recipient to prepare in advance for receiving the goods, plan resources, and streamline the receiving and storage processes.

Use Case:

One use case of the delivery notice is in the retail industry, where a retailer needs to receive detailed notifications about product deliveries from their suppliers. By receiving the delivery notice, the retailer can plan and organize the receiving and storage activities, ensuring that the products arrive on time and that the inventory is properly updated.

Example script code:

def generate_delivery_notice():
delivery_notice = {
message_type’: ‘DELIVERY_NOTICE’,
sender’: ‘Supplier ABC’,
receiver’: ‘Retailer XYZ’,
‘delivery_date’: ‘2023-07-31’,
‘product_code’: ‘P12345’,
‘quantity’: 100,
# Other relevant information
# Process the delivery notice according to EDI specifications and send it to the recipient

# Example of using the generate_delivery_notice function

Best Practices for Using Delivery Notices in EDI:

  1. Ensure that the delivery notice complies with the EDI standard specifications.
  2. Use unique codes and identifiers for products, suppliers, and recipients within the delivery notice.
  3. Regularly update the estimated delivery date and quantity.
  4. Validate the integrity of the delivery notice and ensure that it is transmitted and received correctly.

For advanced solutions in the field of delivery notices and successful implementation of EDI solutions, we recommend using the EDIconnect platform, a trusted EDI solution provider.