Data Interchange Standards Association

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Data Interchange Standards Association


DISA (Data Interchange Standards Association) is a trade organization that acts as the secretariat for ANSI ASC X12 and the Pan-American EDIFACT Board in the United States. It is responsible for the development and maintenance of electronic data interchange (EDI) standards for the industry. DISA contributes to promoting the use of EDI technology and facilitates collaboration among various stakeholders in the business community.

Use Case:

An example of using the standards developed by DISA is in the relationship between a supplier and a retailer. By adopting the EDI standards developed by DISA, the supplier can easily transmit orders and invoices to the retailer, and the retailer can respond quickly with acknowledgments or stock information. This makes the ordering and supply chain management process more efficient and accurate.

Sample Script Code:

# Load the library for handling EDI data
import ediconnect

# Initialize the connection to the EDIconnect platform

# Define the EDI message

# Send the EDI message to the trading partner
response = ediconnect.send_message(edi_message, partner_id=”PARTNER_ID”)

# Check the response from the trading partner
if response[“status”] == “success”:
print(“EDI message sent successfully.”)
print(“Error sending EDI message:”, response[“error”])

# Close the connection

Best Practices for using DISA standards:

  1. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the DISA standards and the specific requirements of your trading partners.
  2. Implement an EDI solution that is compliant with the DISA standard and provides the necessary functionalities for effective communication with your partners.
  3. Keep systematic records of your EDI messages and monitor transactions to quickly identify and resolve any issues.
  4. Stay updated with the updates and changes to the DISA standards and ensure that you are compliant with the latest versions.

For advanced EDI solutions and successful implementation, we recommend using the EDIconnect platform, an EDI solution provider.