Control Structure

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Control Structure


In the context of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the control structure refers to the segments that mark the beginning and end of an entity within an EDI message. These segments are essential to delineate the boundaries of entities and ensure the integrity and coherence of EDI messages.

Use Case:

An example of using a control structure in EDI is within the transmission of a purchase order message between a supplier and a customer. The header and trailer segments are used to mark the beginning and end of the purchase order message, ensuring that essential information is included and that the message is complete and coherent. These control segments facilitate automated processing and proper correlation of information within the EDI message.

Example Script Code:

import edi_library

# Create the control structure
control_structure = edi_library.create_control_structure()

# Add the header segment
header_segment = edi_library.create_header_segment(“ORDER”)

# Add data segments
data_segment_1 = edi_library.create_data_segment(“Item”, “Product1”)

data_segment_2 = edi_library.create_data_segment(“Item”, “Product2″)

# Add the trailer segment
trailer_segment = edi_library.create_trailer_segment()

# Generate the EDI message with the control structure
edi_message = edi_library.generate_edi_message(control_structure)

# Send the EDI message to the receiver
edi_library.send_message(edi_message, receiver=”partner”)

Best Practices for Using Control Structure in EDI:

  1. Ensure that the header and trailer segments are defined according to the EDI specifications used in the business partnership.
  2. Thoroughly verify and validate EDI messages to ensure the integrity and correctness of the control structure.
  3. Properly document the usage and significance of the control structure in the EDI specifications and documentation to facilitate understanding and proper interpretation of messages.
  4. Maintain security standards to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access to the control structure.

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