Control Number

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Control Number


In the realm of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the control number plays a crucial role in identifying and distinguishing standard data elements and segments. It provides a unique identifier that can be used to reference specific elements or segments within an EDI message. The control number enables proper tracking and management of information within the electronic data exchange process.

Use Case:

One example of using a control number in EDI is in the process of sending a purchase order from a retailer to a supplier. The retailer assigns a unique control number to each purchase order to identify and differentiate it from other orders. This control number can be included in the corresponding EDI message to ensure proper correlation of information and facilitate efficient processing of the order by the supplier.

Example Script Code:

import edi_library

# Generate a control number for a data element
data_element_control_number = edi_library.generate_control_number(prefix=”DE”)

# Generate a control number for a segment
segment_control_number = edi_library.generate_control_number(prefix=”SG”)

# Use the control numbers in the EDI message
edi_message = f”DE{data_element_control_number}SG{segment_control_number}”
edi_library.send_message(edi_message, receiver=”partner”)

Best Practices for Using Control Numbers in EDI:

  1. Ensure that control numbers are consistently and uniquely assigned to avoid duplication or confusion in identifying data elements and segments.
  2. Implement validation and verification mechanisms to ensure the integrity and correctness of control numbers in the electronic data exchange process.
  3. Properly document the usage and significance of control numbers in EDI agreements and specifications to facilitate understanding and correct interpretation of messages.
  4. Maintain a log or record of control numbers used to facilitate monitoring, auditing, and reconciliation within the electronic data exchange process.

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