Communication Software

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Communication Software


Communication software plays a vital role in facilitating the exchange of information between computers through modems. These programs enable the connection and efficient transfer of data between systems, offering advanced features like auto-dial and auto-answer for automated communications.

The role and benefits of communication software in EDI:

Communication software facilitates data transmission within the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system and provides the following benefits:

  1. Efficient connectivity: By using communication software, computers can be connected via modems, enabling fast and reliable data transmission between them. This facilitates collaboration and information exchange between business partners.
  2. Automatic communication: Some communication software programs are equipped with features for automatic communication, such as auto-dial and auto-answer. These automated functionalities eliminate the need for manual intervention and optimize the data transmission process.
  3. Flexibility and compatibility: Communication software can be configured to work with various types of modems and can be adapted to the specific needs of a company. This ensures compatibility with different equipment and facilitates communication with business partners.

A use case example of communication software in EDI:

Let’s consider a scenario where a company uses EDI to automatically transmit purchase orders to suppliers. Communication software can be used to establish connectivity between the company’s system and the suppliers’ systems through modems. This enables the automated transmission of purchase orders without manual intervention, ensuring fast and efficient communication between the company and suppliers.

Example script code:

import communication_module

# Create a communication connection
connection = communication_module.Connection(modem_port=”/dev/ttyUSB0″, baud_rate=9600)

# Automatically dial and send data
connection.send_data(data=”EDI message content”)

# Automatically answer and receive data
received_data = connection.receive_data()
print(“Received data:”, received_data)

Best practices for using communication software in EDI:

  1. Ensure that the communication software is up to date and compatible with the modems and equipment used in the EDI system.
  2. Configure the communication software to establish a secure and stable connection between the computers involved in data exchange.
  3. Regularly monitor and manage the status of the communication connection to identify and resolve any technical issues.
  4. Have a backup system or alternative solution in case the communication connection encounters temporary problems.

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