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Asynchronous is a communication technique used in the field of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) where each character is transmitted bit-serially and is delimited by start and stop bits. This method of communication is used to indicate the beginning and end of each character, ensuring proper synchronization between communicating devices.

Use Case:

One use case for asynchronous communication techniques is the transmission of EDI messages between two companies. Let’s consider a scenario where a company wants to send a purchase order from an internal system to a trading partner using an asynchronous EDI connection. By employing this technique, each character of the message is transmitted bit-serially and is surrounded by start and stop bits that indicate the boundaries of each character. This ensures that the message is transmitted correctly and that the character limits are respected.

Sample Script Code:

import AsynchronousComm

def create_message():
# Code for creating the EDI message
message = edi.generate_message()
return message

def send_message(message):
# Code for sending the message using asynchronous communication
print(“The message has been successfully sent using asynchronous communication.”)

def main():
# Create the EDI message
message = create_message()

# Send the message using asynchronous communication

if __name__ == “__main__”:

Best Practices:

  1. Correct configuration of communication parameters: Ensure that communication parameters such as baud rate and the number of start and stop bits are properly configured on the communicating devices.
  2. Message validation: Implement mechanisms to validate messages to ensure the integrity and correctness of the transmitted data. Use error detection algorithms such as checksum to ensure that messages are transmitted correctly.
  3. Monitoring communications: Implement a system to monitor asynchronous communications to identify and address transmission issues or errors in a timely manner.

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In conclusion, asynchronous communication is a technique used in EDI to transmit characters bit-serially and surrounded by start and stop bits. By following best practices and utilizing the EDIconnect platform, companies can successfully implement asynchronous communication and achieve efficient and secure B2B document exchange within their EDI processes.