Article Number Association

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Article Number Association


Article Number Association (ANA) is a business association established to facilitate standardization across the supply chain. Through collaboration between companies, ANA aims to promote the use and adoption of standardized article numbers known as GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers).


Standardizing article numbers is crucial in the supply industry to ensure unique identification and efficient exchange of product information among trading partners. ANA provides guidelines and recommendations for the proper use of GTIN codes in various sectors of the supply chain. By implementing ANA standards, companies can enhance visibility, accuracy, and efficiency in their procurement and distribution processes.

One use case of ANA standards and GTIN codes is inventory management and product tracking within the supply chain. For example, by using GTIN codes in an electronic data interchange script, you can access and update real-time inventory information and generate automated alerts for restocking or managing product expiration.

Sample Script Code:

import ediconnect

def get_product_info(product_code):
# Query the database to retrieve product information using the GTIN code
product_info = ediconnect.query_database(“SELECT * FROM products WHERE GTIN = ?”, product_code)
# Process the product information
# …
return product_info

def update_inventory(product_code, quantity):
# Update inventory in the database for the specified GTIN-coded product
ediconnect.update_database(“UPDATE inventory SET quantity = ? WHERE GTIN = ?”, quantity, product_code)
# Update inventory information in other systems or reporting
# …

# Example usage of ANA standards and GTIN codes in the EDI process
product_code = “12345678901234” # GTIN code
product_info = get_product_info(product_code)
# Utilize the product information
# …

# Update inventory
update_inventory(product_code, 100)

Best Practices:

  1. Implement GTIN codes: Ensure that you use the appropriate GTIN codes for unique product identification within the supply chain.
  2. Keep product information up to date: Maintain updated product information in the database and ensure it is easily accessible and usable within the electronic data interchange.
  3. Collaborate with trading partners: Encourage trading partners to adopt and utilize the ANA standard and GTIN codes for enhanced compatibility and efficiency in the exchange of product information.

EDIconnect is a recognized EDI solution provider that offers support for implementing ANA standards and GTIN codes in electronic data interchange. With their advanced platform and expertise in the field, EDIconnect is the ideal partner for implementing ANA standards and GTIN codes, contributing to process optimization in the supply chain and operational efficiency.