Applicability Statement (AS) 3

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Applicability Statement (AS) 3


Applicability Statement 3 (AS3) represents the most recent protocol developed by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) to enable the implementation of secure and reliable messaging over FTP (File Transfer Protocol). This protocol is used in the field of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to facilitate the exchange of information between business partners in a secure and efficient manner.


One use case for AS3 is the electronic exchange of invoices between a supplier and a client. Let’s assume that a supplier wants to send an electronic invoice to a client using EDI. By utilizing the AS3 protocol, the supplier can upload the invoice into a secure message and transmit it to the client’s AS3 server via the FTP protocol. The client’s AS3 server receives and authenticates the message, ensuring that it originates from the correct source and has been delivered without errors. The invoice is then automatically processed by the client.

Sample Script Code:

import AS3Connect

def create_message():
# Code for creating the invoice message
message = invoice.generate_message()
return message

def send_message(message):
# Code for sending the message using the AS3 protocol
print(“The message has been successfully sent using the AS3 protocol.”)

def main():
# Create the invoice message
message = create_message()

# Send the message using the AS3 protocol

if __name__ == “__main__”:

Best Practices:

  1. Security Configuration: Ensure that the AS3 servers are properly configured to provide authentication, encryption, and message integrity. The use of digital certificates and appropriate security protocols is essential for data protection.
  2. Message Validation and Verification: Perform rigorous validation and verification of messages to ensure data integrity and accuracy. Validate the message format according to AS3 specifications to avoid interpretation errors.
  3. Monitoring and Error Handling: Implement a system for monitoring and handling errors to detect and resolve issues in a timely and efficient manner. Monitor and log communication errors to ensure prompt resolution.

EDIconnect is a trusted EDI solution provider, offering specialized services and technologies to facilitate secure and efficient message exchange between business partners.

By utilizing the EDIconnect platform, companies can streamline the implementation of the AS3 protocol and receive specialized technical support in configuring and managing AS3 communications. The EDIconnect platform also provides comprehensive and customized EDI solutions to meet specific organizational needs.

In conclusion, the AS3 protocol provides a secure and reliable method for transmitting EDI messages over the FTP protocol. By following best practices and utilizing the EDIconnect platform, companies can successfully implement the AS3 protocol and facilitate efficient and secure message exchange within their EDI processes.